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Monday, 10 February 2014

Where The Heart Is Dato Siti Nurhaliza

Assalamualaikum w.b.r

Congratulation to the only one sweetheart Malaysian Dato' Siti Nurhaliza for the lovely, amazing, superb concert Where The Heart Is ( Dato Siti Live in KLCC). You did very well, and you are absolutely showed that you deserve get what you have now. 

I'm not going to the the concert, but the feedback from fans #SitiZoners made me ' menyesal pulak aku tak pergi" huhu.. 

From the bottom of my heart, i really adore her. She is not perfect, she's just being who is she. Nobody is perfect. She just human being like us, but Allah give her extra and special talent that made her looks perfect! She surrounded with the positive people who is truly deeply love her. And I am one of them. heeee..^__^

To Kak Siti, I'm not sure you remember me or not, but we have met several time, but after you wear hijab, we never meet yet, maybe next time. Maybe im not the loyal fans that always be your side, that always follow all the meet and greet, that always attends all your concert, but I just want you to know that you are always be the one and only one my favourite person, who is very strong, who is always made your fans comfort with you, who is always gave all your passion to your fans, who is always looks caring, lovely, charming, funny, talented, motherly, and who is always want give your heart to your fans. You are always in my doa kak. I pray the best for you. 

Kak Siti, I know Allah plans something special for your life and for your future.. I admit that when i met you for the first time, i was nervous and it continuously after 2,3 times. I hope we can meet each other this year. This is one of my dreams of 2014. 

Congrats again Dato Siti Nurhaliza!  I am proud to be your fans! I never regret it!  Thanks,because of you, i met my new friends in sitizoners. You united all your fans from malaysia, indonesia, singapura, brunei and over the world. 

I love you to the moon and back! 


 * mesti korang rasa macam, lah dah pehal minah ni update bi blog dia.* kan? kan?
sebenanrnya aku nak practice bi aku je. Aku tau comfirm ada grammar melayang dalam tu. hahahaha..

tolong jangan ada haters siti yang baca. kalau tak nanti masuk dalam blog, peminat siti tak pandai bi. hahaha..alah, relaks lah..korang bm pun tak reti jugak. ada jugak salah. tapi sebab orang melayu pun tak pro dalam sintaksis, tatabahasa , takdelah yang nak menegur, cumanya kalau bi ni, korang kerek dgn grammar. kan? chehh...

the end



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NinaAz said...

seb baik ada gak bm dlm entri ni. kalo tak memang xpaham langsung. hehehe. nina payah skit nak baca entri2 yg berenglish full ni. hehe

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