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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Happy Birthday Datuk Siti Nurhaliza

Assalamualaikum w.b.r


I've been waiting for this date to update my first entry on 2015! So, 11 January is the date.

When I was 12, my life as a big fan of Siti Nurhaliza was began. ( poyo je ayat). I watched her performance at AJL, she sang " Ku Milikmu" . And started from that I follow her story, and so on. ( gitu lah asalnya)

I'm started with collecting her pictures. I cut from news paper, magazines, I tried to memorize all her songs despite I have a lot of subjects to study as a secondary school's student. hahaha...

 The first song I had memorize is Ku Milikmu. I have a handwriting scrap book special about Siti Nurhaliza. But, the book was confiscated by the school superintendent. The book is actually not allowed at hostel or school. (Padan muka aku. Dah tak dapat sampai sekarang. haha)

Nevertheless, i still continue my hobby. I created another book and keep all the books as my collections. 

Her first album I'd bought is Transkripsi. I love all the songs from Transkripsi. But as you know, i cant buy a cd, so i just bought a cassette. hahaha. i dont have a laptop, only radio. so, i listen her song using cassette. very old school ok. hahahha. But, I'm still satisfied! 

I have too many story to share. How i induce myself to just ignoring what people say when i told them that ' Siti Nurhaliza is my inspiration" and how i can still admiring her after 10 years.

To Datuk Siti Nurhaliza,

Happy Birthday. I pray all the best for your life. You inspired me a lot. from an ordinary girl to  an extraordinary women who transformed herself became a fabulous person. You have been inspiration for all your fans, especially to me.. hehhehe

Happy Birthday again. May ALLAH bless your life, May ALLAH guide you in every situation, May ALLAH give His Love, Barakah and Rahmat for your blessed day. Amin.

I wish I could meet you this year! 



your loyal fan.

(memandangkan saya takde lagi gambar bersama tokti setelah beliau berhijab, so tak bolehlah nak kongsi. gambar time tokti pakai shawl je ada. huhuhu


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