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Saturday, 26 March 2016

How was your day today?

Assalamualaikum w.b.r

Waaa... finally, its Friday! holiday? 


Somethings good  happened as well, but there's something ruined my mood.

I was thinking, how to be a positive thinker. but... 


hahahahhaha. marah ke setan pulak kan

forget it.

But today, 

I was in set my mind, 

my focus now

" dont think too much"


( why  Airen?)





Okay, can you figure up, whats going on?

nope right?

because, we cant feels what others feels. 


let them be. 



Thursday, 24 March 2016


Assalamualaikum w.b.r

My first entry for 2016. Alamak, I'm so lazy to write entry. ( I know, no one cares) LOL.

Not so late kan? even its already March, the end of March i mean. 

Hem, what should i write ha? 

Actually, I further study at upsi, in Sarjana Pendidikan Moral. and at the same time, i'm still working as a contract teacher (actually) at the same school, Confucian Private Secondary School. So, im doing part time. work +study. 

Maybe its my luck, or I can say, REZEKI ALLAH kasi. 

ALLAH test me in a very different ways. 

Sometimes, I feel like, 

" why me?"

As I said before, I'm just substitute teacher, only two month, but ALLAH plans is ALWAYS THE BEST. and I trust it.

Because I know, ALLAH not going to test HIS hamba, instead she/he can capable to endure all those things. 

so, ALLAH knows, I'm capable person! 




ALLAH let me face all these things, means, ALLAH loves you Airen!

When people asked me.

" Hows school?"

I said 

" Okay sangat"

" Im happy" 

Why I answered like that?

BECAUSE, that's my choice! I choose the way. Why I want say something bad about my choice?

People never know what happened in your life, unless you let them be in your circle. 

I thought, when i put a decision to start working, I will put all my efforts and my passion for teaching. 

same goes when I thought, if I start continue my study, I will focus and more rajin than before. 


After everything changed, I'm also changed. 

Manage time to work+study. 

Manage my career + my passion


only people had experienced before, will feel it. 

To Airen,

          Show to yourself that you are able to handle all these things. Allah knows whats in your heart. Work is work, study is study. Don't mix it. You can manage your time, as well as you know how important your life and your goals. 

         Start believing yourself, that you are able to GOT (Graduate on time). You choose that way. You have to finish it! 

        Start believing yourself, that you are great teacher. Teach your students, share all your knowledge with them, because it is also your choice. You wanna be a teacher right? 

       So, what you have to do know? Berdoa, may ALLAH ease your journey and your choice. Okay? 

Hope you can do it well! 


- Airen- 

rupanya entry 2016 ni, untuk diri sendiri. LOL


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