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Friday, 27 March 2015

stress week

Assalamualaikum w.b.r

after having a very tiring day, i have decided to just ignore the worst problems that i had now. 

i was thinking to just leave all the problem and focus on my final year project.. 


i realize, i need to solve this problems first. unfortunately, i don't know where i should to start. this week were very stressful. LOL (minar over)

'she' so over, telling others about us at the meeting. is it necessary? i don't think.

i am confusing. does she need attention? (airen, you are so cruel, please stop it)

for now, i stay away from her. i even cant see her face. if i did, i think i gonna get faint. hahahha

i ask my friends, do you feeling the same feels like i do? and everyone said yes!

ok, so im not feel guilty. ( cruel again) HAHAHA

either me or she, we never know who will start first, but i know, as a very 'rude student' to her, i should ask the forgiveness. 

OK, i need a space to let me double think when i should meet up her. 

teng teng teng..

i will do. IF, i have to!

- wassalam-

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