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Saturday, 25 July 2015

sharing your happiness to public? Is it wrong?

Assalamualaikum w.b.r

It has been a long time I didnt post anything. Before late, I just wanna wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & batin to all muslims over the world, may this Syawal be the most precious, and hope everyone had spent blissful moment with your beloved family.

Btw, I'm now currently working as replacement teacher at Confucian Private Secondary School. Having a very becok students, make me feels dizzy, but it was exciting. To be honest, I'm enjoy what I'm doing now. Be a teacher to Chinese student and working with Chinese people, everything's here is new for me. I learned a lot from them.

Oh, sorry.. my aim for this entry are going to share about  sharing the happiness. ( I will story my experiences at that school after I have done my job there, just 1 month left, WAIT!). 

Happiness is something we are waiting for. We always wanted to be happy, we always want to hear a good news, have a good friends, a good wife/husband, have a great job, have a good meal, live with a good family, have a good son/daughter, have a good partner/company, everything in our life, we want good. 

Is it wrong if we share the good things to public? I means, on facebook. 

"I want let  my friends know, so I want share my happiness with them"

" I have been a very hard time to get all these things, so let me do what I'm going to do, I want to share everything, I want people know my happiness"

" I just want to sharing. Nothing else"

" I have a right to post anything on my fb, so let me be "

" My happiness is more precious if I share it with my friends"

" I want show to them, that I'm successful"

What we think, is not the same as what others think. Maybe, they just wanna to share. "just". So, let them be. 

We dont have a right to prevent them

 " please don't update that status/that picture, I dont like!"

You cant do this! If you don't like, just unfollow him/her. Easy.


For those who are always sharing your happiness, share your moments, share your successful life, share how you are so blessing, I think you should think very deeply before you update this to public/ on fb. 

I really don't mind if you want share anything on fb, because I have done this before. I did share everything if I want to, or I have to. Because I think, sharing to public is nothing wrong, what is wrong are,

- If you look down to someone. You saying something that make others uneasy with what you have posted. 

- If your statement, or your caption are not suitable. Before we write something ( especially to let public read our post) we must reread carefully 4/5 times. Because we cant share our expression on our writing. People never know what we feel, they just can read. 

- If our first intention to let everyone praise you. Show off!

"you are good"

" you are the most successful person I ever met"

"I know you can do it, you are awesome"

" wow! you have a good looking"

- and many more -

- If we want to show off everything we have, let people say "wow". Its not good, because not everyone have a chance likes what we have, and maybe they are hoping, but they didn't get yet and maybe they are not affordable likes you. So, don't share that too much, yang boleh orang pissed off. ( reminds my self as well) hahah. 

For sure, 

We can share everything on fb. Everything! But, we must ensure, before we post, is it necessary or not and is it okey or not. ( sometime I posted something not necessary for others, but necessary and meaningful for me, for me laaa...hahahha). 

The happiness is just not means you have a big house, a big salary or  a great job. Not at all. Everyone's happiness is different. Maybe you can say you are happy when you got a banglo mewah or suami handsome, and they are happy you are happy, but for some others, to have a comfortable house is enough, no need to big, even small, they can live happily.  

Happiness is subjective. Spread the positive post, then you will happy if you can let people happy with what you have posted/shared.

Its only my opinions, I do appreciate if anyone want leave comments about this. 

Have a bless weekend!


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