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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Thank you teacher.

Assalamualaikum w.b.r

Welcome May! 

I don't like May, because June is around the corner. When June is coming, that means, my life as student is near to the finishing line. Oh man, time flies so fast.  I wont stop study. Because I don't have to work, no need to think to pay the bills hahaha. Haishh.. I'm grown so fast also. Big already. 

When I was 15, I dreaming to be an entertainer, (don't laugh!). Because I really adore Siti Nurhaliza. hahahaha. I'm laughing myself right now. so childish. 

But, for now, I am 22 (not officially 23 yet). I wish I could be an entertainer also, but not as a singer laa, just to entertain my students ( ececehh.. ) because, i do love teaching. 

I think i should tarik balik cakap yang I don't like May. I love May lah. Sebab, bulan May ada Teacher Day.

I dedicate this entry to all my teachers. 

I was inspired by my teacher, Sir Misykat. Hes the best teacher I've ever met when I was secondary school. He can remember semua nama student, without any errors. My teachers (since i was tadika, secondary, primary and now university) all of them very incredible and fantastic teacher. No doubt. 

I know, as a human being, my experience are the best lesson to my life. I met so many people with the different thought, different style, different knowledge, different skills, and get knowing all of them such a big acknowledge to me. 

I should praise each one of them because I learned a lot from them. My prays is always to my teachers, and I hope ALLAH rewards all of you the JANNAH. 



-airen surayya-

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