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Thursday, 26 June 2014



how time flies. my last entry when i was semester 6 on the first week. shame on me. around next 2 weeks , i will start my new life, my new experience, which is my life as a teacher. just a practicum, but still need a big responsibility. that means, i will enter to semester 7. wohoo! not excited at all, because just left 1 semester before finish my study. i will miss all the moments when i was semester 5 and 6.

why semester 5 and 6? haha. when i was sem 5, i am president of moral association or PERMOR. i miss all the bittersweet memories. ah. i scrolled back my timeline on facebook, i read back what i wrote, shared, posted and everything, and i guess i should proud of myself ( nak jugak puji diri sendiri) haha, because i had faced all the challenges with my teams.

what is the most touched my heart when i scrolled back my timelines is sarawak. program to sarawak. i just can say, this program made me more matured(kot) haha, knowing how to handle the birokrasi, and many things, and the most i learned is, how to appreciate person that always help us to be more brave, patient and be a positive thinker.

i dedicated this entry to person whom i always bothered to ensure this program work smoothly. hihiihi

1) my bestfriend ( Sathish,Nai, Mun and Shila)

:: sathish, i may not be a perfect leader without you in this program. million thank you to you because your work hard ( slps incident postponed) haha, your passion, your sacrifices and many things you have done to this program. you are the best friend ever.

:: Nai, even you are unable to join us because you already planned vocation with your chinese friends, but without you i can say that all the fees, financial is not handling as well as what you did. thank you nai. thanks for being a good friend to me.

:: mun, mun, i know sometimes i gave you too many works, as a secretary. even you are not to good in writing, (hahaha) but you always give the best of you to me. thanks because always being a good listener when i have a problems. heeee...

kak shila
::: kak shila, you are the best sister  in our batch, include mun (even im not call her kak mun). i remembered that i forced you to join this program because i dont have a friend. i forced you over and over again. and sometimes you ignore me. hahaa. and lastly, you watsapp-ed me, and said that you will join. at that times, i just wanna to fly to the moon. im so happy! kak shila, thank you because always support me. :D

Dr Ratu
::: Dr Ratu, i may not be a perfect student to you. i know i did  wrong. I was skipping you. i didn't get permission to you. i was ignoring you. sometimes i think i am to afraid because your expectation is too high Dr. But i just wanna say that i love you as my mother, you are the best lecturer, you give me a lot of advises. i regret what i have done to you when we were at sarawak. im not treating you well, i just let you with my juniors. im sorry Dr. But what i can say is, thank you because of you i am more strong to face the obstacle that come.

the only pic with dr ratu at sarawak. *you are cruel airen..heh!*

Dr Sam
::: Dr Sam, you are the most person that i should thanks because of your credibilty and your professionalism made us comfortable when we are working with you. Dr, you are inspiring us to be great leader. You gave us advises, knowledge, and showing us that to be a great leader, it's not easy. The program will not be smooth without you. You are a great inspirer Dr Sam. Thanks for all your kindness.

i really miss the moments at sarawak. i just wanna to shout and say
" sarawak, thank you give me this opportunity!!"

Thank you to all of you! * i know my grammar is not good, belasahhhh je lahh.. hahahaah*

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